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Sci-Fi Serial Experiments Lain

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Fuko Ibuki, September 23, 2012.

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    Plot Summary: Lain Iwakura appears to be an ordinary girl, with almost no experience with computers. Yet the sudden suicide of a schoolmate, and a number of strange occurrences, conspire to pull Lain into the world of the Wired, where she gradually learns that nothing is what it seems to be... not even Lain herself.

    This was a fav of mine the story it's self is a bit hard to follow at first but once you get into it this anime unfolds very quickly and makes you have a different view of things you might not have thought about it is hard to speak on this anime a lot because it is one that also unfolds as you watch this is a great anime for anyone to sit down too.
  2. Is the whole story out? Or only a few seasons?
  3. No this one is a complete it has been out for a bit now.