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Shingeki No Kyojin

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by lordrice, April 14, 2013.

  1. This is a discussion thread on the new anime "Shingeki No Kyojin"
    So yeah, spoiler alert.
    *Editor Comments*
    -What do you guys think about the anime so far?
  3. It's really dark to start which is good. It balances out the rest of my light-hearted list. I didn't expect it to start so violently, but I like the art style and how grounded it is.
  4. I really love the animation, it fits the anime so perfectly.
    The overall action and epicness is awesome!

    Yeah, in the manga there was ALOT of gore, and the anime brings justice to that.
  5. Oh my god, episode 3 was awesome!, I love the part when Eren and Mikasa are flying through the trees with the Mobility Gear.
  6. I thought this episode was good from a story telling standpoint, but actually boring. It keeps my attention because I know it will become awesome...still, I expected more.
  7. I'll bet the next episode will be better, assuming because of that episode 4 preview.
  8. Holy shit!, that ending! The Colossal titan is such an asshole..
    I hope Eren beats the shit out the titans!
  9. Oh.My.God Eren is probably that Titan that killed the other titans.
    And he is one big BAMF.
  10. Poor Tom lol
    (just had to run out of gas)

    Im starting to like Jean's character more
    (reminds me of myself)
    since i know i would want to be in the safety of the castle ^_^
  11. If You Had To Choose One Of The 3 Corps/Legion Which Would U Join?
    - Military Police
    - Recon Corps/Scouting Legion
    - Stationary Guard

    Military Police Of course! i wanna survive ^_^
    (if i didnt make top 10 then... stationary guard!)
  12. I like Stationary Guard emblem the most, so I'm going with them. Even though I'd probably die.
  13. Do I get to become a titan if I join the Recon Corps?
  14. This anime is phenomenal. Definitely the best one this season.
    My thoughts on the last episode:
    Oh, wow. Eren is the badass titan. I totally didn't see that one coming. /sarcasm Also, Armin needs to stop being a little bitch about everything. The only thing that really had me was Mikasa's crying face. That shit hit me hard.
  15. So that's what the injection that Eren's father gave that caused his Titan form to trigger.
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  17. So everyone who are your current favorite characters?

    Male: Jean Kirschtein

    Female: Christa Renz

    Titan: Bean
  18. I was motivated to watch this anime the other day. I regret not watching it. I would chose the Survey/Recon Corps cause dat logo is boss. Also the HQ for the SC seems rather laid back, so why not. (still have to be a pro at what you do though)
  19. Male: Mikasa Ackerman

    Female: Armin Arlert
  20. i c wat u did ther