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  1. It's been a while since I've updated the site so I figured I would shoot over some cool upgrades for you all to play around with. There is nothing crazy about upgrading the forum, it's mostly just bug fixes and visual changes. No new features that you would absolutely love, but you can play around and post any issues you come across with the latest version of XenForo.

    The site design has changed quite a bit and I've gone a little less custom with the look. The amount of work that went into modifying themes was driving me crazy, so I went a little stock with the paid theme and threw in some anime elements. I hope you guys like it! Also if you don't like the light version of "New Age", you can go "Dark Age" as well. Feedback as always is appreciated though, customized or not.

    Lastly, I've added blogs back to the site. You guys should check it out and you can read my first entry:

    There are 4 categories available with: Anime, Manga, Visual Novels and Personal. If you can think of other blog categories then please let me know. Also, if you come across any bugs while using it then please feel free to shoot me a note or reply to this thread.

    Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!
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