Star Project

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  1. I started playing Star Project a long time ago, and I never realised how good it was. Star Project is an online Dating Simulation game.

    Story :
    There was a time when this star management company was popular. Due to an unfortunate car accident, both the owner and his wife passed away and their girl takes over the company.
    All the stars and staff of the company went their ownways and the only thing left for the girl is a mountain of debt and an old ragged building that looks like it's going to collapse any day now.
    One day, a righteous boy who came from the country came out of nowhere and appeared before the girl. The girl saw star potential in this young man and they both teamed up to start the "Star Project!"
    Will the young, country boy and the naïve manager be able to create a stunning "star"? Follow the scenarios to discover the story of your star and live surprising events.

    In Japanese version of Star Project which I played is no longer in producion, but there is an English version. The English game, which I am playing now is created by Galaxy Games. It is a fun and interactive game with good graphics. On the Ahoge Scale, I give it a 8 out of 10. Note : I am picky with games.