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    Come play games w/ me sometimes

    "Süsse Schnecke"
  2. Alot of the people here, including the owner, were part of a CS:S server (Owned and operated by John.) If you want, add me (Dirtbag) and if we share some games I wouldn't mind. I'm not on very often because of work and social life but I'm always up for a game.
  3. Yeah I know most of y'all came from BG (RIP) and I was just seeing if y'all still play and what server you play on. I currently play on GFL Zombie Escape server for CS:S pretty much 100% of the time I play but, I would be more than happy to check out y'all's server.
  4. My name is KABOOM!!! obv. I play on the HoE ZE server almost everyday. Come check it out and play with us sometime!
  5. Will do man. I'll add you and whenever you're on I'll just join your game or add the server to my favourites
  6. I dont play css or cs go anymore but i do have and play a large amount of steam games (and others). Name's Yansky in most things (steam included) also sry im so late to this
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  7. I already know all of you fools, though. LOL.

    For future newcomers, I guess: Vitamyn
    I don't really play anything much anymore because of school/work but if I do it's usually CS:S for like 15 minutes or something else with friends.
  8. What happened to anime and manga?
  9. Who the hell is this Vitaman person? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. ¯\_( ‾‾ʖ̫‾‾)_/¯¯