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Psychological Subbed vs. Dubbed

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Suavesteve121, June 7, 2016.


Do you prefer Subbed or Dubbed?

  1. Subbed

  2. Dubbed

  3. Why not have both? (Reason hast to be justified)

  1. I would like to find out how many of you out there prefer subbed over dubbed, or vice-versa.
    And tell me why you believe one is better than the other
    I just want to hear your opinions on this pressing topic
  2. Personally I prefer subbed. First of all, I'm trying to learn the language so having English subtitles is very helpful. Secondly, there are just some emotions that can only come through Japanese. This doesn't mean I'm apposed to "dubbed" anime, it's just my preference. :-)
  3. I only really like to watch dubbed only after I've watched the series subbed. I think it's a nice dynamic to see how they might've worded things differently and how the meaning of the dialogue might've changed.
  4. Oh yes, I TOTALLY agree :-)
  5. Ig it really just depend on your own personal preference
  6. Yes it does, of course that's also what makes anime/manga so great, there's something for everyone :-)
  7. I've personally dabbled in all the genres and let me tell you, there is quite a bit to choose from
  8. Yes there is, even with my limited experience, I've seen the many options that are out there, pretty cool :-)
  9. I'm still mostly a BIG romance and ecchi fan, though
  10. Yah I hear you, when done right, those are awesome, (and sometimes very funny lol).
  11. I don't think I've ever seen a bad anime.
    I mean, I've never regretted watching a series for any particular reason
  12. Haven't you ever felt that the creators could've done a better job though?
  13. Yea, but the sense of fulfillment you feel after completing an anime or manga is the same
  14. Well I def. have to agree that that :-)
  15. To me, anime and manga might just be the ultimate form of entertainment
  16. Oh YES, I def. agree with you there, there just isn't anything like it
  17. If I had my own place, that's pretty much all I'd buy (although I've never been too big on anime merchandise)
  18. I hear you, it's pretty expensive!

    Sorry to say this but I got to go, let's def. chat again! I've had a GREAT time!
  19. Thanks man
    We'll see ya later :peace:
  20. Till next time :-)