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  1. So I am looking for new anime to watch.

    I have been on a binge since 2015 began....and I want more.

    Presently watching: Parasyte & Aldnoah.Zero

    My favorites:
    1. Attack on titan
    2. Deadman wonderland
    3. Hunter X Hunter(2011)
    4. No. 6
    5. Black Butler(kind of......Sebastian is too op to me)
    6. Soul Eater
    7. Another

    I'd like to find anime similar to those above.

    I like Anime that features

    1. Male Protagonists.....I can't really relate to female protags(except Korra because Korra is perfection)
    2. I want a strong Male Character but not someone who is OP and never loses or if he loses, it's just because it's the boss. But not someone weak like Naruto was in the early days of the anime.

    3. Good Action sequences but not long and drawn out...Aka no Naruto lol

    4. Good Story and plot

    5. Little to no romance if possible.

    6. I need a bad boy to love :D

    I am of course interested in all recommendations even if it doesn't match my preferences.

    PS- I am trying to get into Fairytail and I am having a hard time....I also know about Onepiece, Bleach, and Naruto :-P
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    Have you seen Fate/Zero? Its about a War held between Seven mages and there servants (classes:Saber,Lancer,Archer,Berserker,Caster,Rider,and Assassin. It has good action sequences and the protagonist Is quite the Badass with a dark past.The story and Character development is really good.It has a little romance but not really enough to bother anyone who doesn't like it
    [​IMG] Woman is not the Protag This guy is:[​IMG] tell me if you like.

  3. I found Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei very entertaining even though the main character/characters are OP.
  4. You try Tokyo Ghoul yet? If you like Deadman Wonderland then I'm sure you would like this one. Has a strong male Protagonist but they sure like to beat him up every chance they get, lots of action. Only a few episodes into Season 2 so its not an unreasonably long series so far like others out there. Currently new episodes are airing every Thursday.