Super Magical Girl Fan-fic brainstorming thread. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here...

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  1. This is starting off a brainstorming thread for a new Magical Girl genre fan-fic, a collaboration between members on this site. Invite only. Those who were part of this from the beginning (Mei, Mayu, and Minx) know they're allowed here. This is a submission thread for new ideas.
  2. So mei you have red-brown/ auburn hair, average height, small chest and fine body right?
  3. I'm the stereotypical buddhist priest, except that I'm a ghost.
  4. Ok. I fight with swords and can mould things with chocolate and Mayu-chan has sensitive hearing, jumps high and fights with guns that shoot chocolate eggs surprise.
  5. Yep, that's right
  6. Cool, I'm writing this on Wattpad a writing app, their tons of fanfics, and other normal stories. You can write some and post them too
  7. In the photo, I'm the guy in the middle, but bluish, and more see-through.

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  8. Ok, got it, did you add minx?
  9. I think his name will be Hikari Matsudorii. He was the High Priest of the Shiki Hongan Jinryuu Temple back in the Edo Period. He died while fighting the evil Shogun who had resurrected the dark chocolate energy of the Anti-Chocora. My character, not Minx's... LOL
  10. I think that Minx needs to come up with something on his own. I can't do it for him.
  11. ok where was i when this happen
  12. it happened a min ago
  13. Thanks for giving ur back story I'm getting to that part right about now
  14. haha yeah
  15. should i make a whole story about my backstory
  16. K, powers... You guys come up with ideas. My laptop battery is low, so I have to bug out for now. There's no power points here to plug in to, so I have to recharge at home. I'll probably be back a little later.
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  17. It's up to you how much you want to reveal. But remember that you shouldn't reveal everything to the heroes at once. Sometimes they have to discover things on their own. Makes the suspense more real.
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  18. I'm a bunny magical girl so i can jump high, have good animal senses, and has a magical gun and mecha.
    what about minx and mei?
  19. When i get trapped/kidnapped by Minx. Mayu is gifted with a Mecha Choco Tank to save me.