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Action Sword of the Stranger

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Okami~Jigoku, September 28, 2012.

  1. This one's a movie.


    This anime blends action with a pseudo tragedy. It starts off following a boy and his dog as they run from a burning temple and along the way to another temple the boy, named Kotaru, and his dog, Tobimaru, get saved by a strange ronin with no name. Along the way to the next temple the ronin and boy begin to bond kind of like brothers mainly because Tobimaru, the dog, gets poisoned and the ronin and Kotaru try to save him. However during the story we find out Kotaru is being hunted by the Chinese as a human sacrifice for an elixir of immortality which causes the ronin to save the boy yet again. And as a twist it is a Japanese fudal lord helping the Chinese with this boy hunt (I say this because they're looking for a kid) in order to steal the elixir him self.

    This anime has a very good story and one of the best ending fight scenes I ever seen in an anime movie before. It is a good film for anyone 13 and up younger as long as their parents allow them. I would recommend this anime to anyone. And even bored will like this one because it really has nothing to do with Japanese history it's just a good story and film. Also they did a good job dubbing it in English from Japanese and I would recommend you watching it in either one I watched it in both and thought both were great.