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  1. Surprised a thread wasn't already made. O:

    I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and fell over laughing. I've never seen such a perfect rooster tail. Stuck straight up and reminds me of an ahoge from anime, except this is bedhead. xD


    Anyways, since there wasn't a faces of OtakuTalk thread yet, might as well start one.

    If you're feeling adventurous, post a picture of yourself, or if you're feelin' shy, don't. :D
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  2. You want me to post a picture of myself?

    Not happenin'.

  3. Never said you have to muffin, like I said in the OP, if you don't want to you don't have to. :D

    It's just a fun thing for forums, removes some of that anonymity of simply being text on a screen.
  4. Oh look, another thread I always wanted to make and never did. :(

    I feel like poop today so you can have this:

    This one's not too old there is boob in it and I'm too lazy to draw like, a flower or something over it:

    Also, you look like this one Canadian I knew about 5 years ago -- that ahoge is totally suiting bbygrl. :blush:
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  5. Dat Plushie. :heart:

    Maybe I'll start adding ahoge's to my style when I get it chemically straightened. :-P
  6. Well, here goes nuthin'. Quality isn't good either.
    Nononono. Bad. Bad idea.
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  7. My sister straightened my hair so why not.

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  8. I don't really have a good camera, so I used the camera built into my laptop. You should be able to see the pink tint in my hair, also it sorta looks like I am missing half of an eye brow because its blonde lol.
    Self Picture.JPG
    I don't really know why I have a baby face though
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  9. Your glasses are bending light so very much. You must be blind.
  10. Without them everything is a fuzzy blob to me. Though not blind, as I can play sports without them, I can't read anything that's more than a foot from my face.

    Step inside my van youngin', I have sweets. :3
  11. That's a funky fresh cut my brotha.
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  12. Me at meh famiry Christmas Partay. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯¯[​IMG]
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  13. saw this thread and i had this pic, why the heck not
    Will post pictures of leg on request, for those people like that, (Dr.Toaster) >.>
  14. [​IMG]

    :peace: 3AM swag
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  15. I don't think I've posted this one, maybe I have...

    This one was back in September.

    Me on the left and my best friend on the right.

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  16. You did back at bG :-P
  17. Lel. Dem Socks and Sandals
  18. I don't normally deign to post photos of myself here, but what the hell... 11917742_1192245060801740_1738188778718169927_n.

    Bowfishing on the Green River. Out of frame was a 5-foot Spotted Gar, playing "Red October".
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  19. Best pic ever ^_^;*_*XD

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  20. Would I get slapped if I said you were a hottie, even with the trick glasses? ^_^;:foolish: So that's what my second-in-command looks like irl....