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Romance The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by John, May 5, 2013.

  1. Has anyone seen this? If not, do it now. Or else :-)

    It's on Crunchyroll btw, so check it out!

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  2. This is one of the best anime's I've seen last season.
  3. I've been watching this on and off for about a month now. I love the characters and the story is great, but every now and then they have a sad part and I get depressed and stop watching. Great anime though, and I'll definitely finish it someday.
  4. I remember watching the first episode a long while ago; I can't recall why I didn't continue.

    Is it chock full of ecchi scenes and stuff like that? If so, I might not pick it up again. If not, I think I should, as I need something to watch.
  5. I don't think so though I am basing off my own experience, since I spend most of my time reading the subtitles, I don't always catch subtleties. It's less about fan service and more based on the characters lives and development, though I can't say their isn't any ecchi as the characters themselves are... special, it's not over the top, or at least, they aren't trying to shove it down your throat in anime such as HoTD, for example.
  6. If I put up with the Bakemonogatari series' fan service, I can probably put up with this series' moments; hopefully the good things I've heard about it will average it out.
    Shall download watch on Hulu when I get home.
    lel @ HoTD
  7. That's a good example. I would say the two are about the same, and both are very interesting stories.

    As a huge fan of zombie culture overlooking the vast amounts of fan service was no problem for me. Since Zombies > Everything ever.
  8. I started, but I ended up forgetting to continue it when I started playing VN's (Thanks again Crystal :heart: )
  9. I'm on episode 13 now. No there isn't much ecchi really. The usual fan service is thrown in but the story and characters are so freaking compelling. Freaking awesome show!
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  10. np ^_^ btw what are u playing now?

    (Is this show worth the watch for romcom fans)
  11. As a Rom/Com fanatic, yes. Though it does have feels, they only add depth and emotion to the story and characters, making the comedy much more rewarding.
  12. Not that much ecchi? There's like 20 scenes of someone being naked in every episode I bothered to watch up until; episode 3. Every episode's got some kind of 5 minute long scene of perverted stuff going on. :c

    I'm starting to become demotivated from continuing again.
  13. I wouldn't consider that ecchi since it's a part of the character, not just lame excuses to show naughty bits. Because yes, she's nude, but it's not fan service, it's not being used to make those sweaty teenagers get all excited, it's a story element used to deepen the relationship of the protagonist' and teach us something about her. It would be ecchi if their was no story driven element behind her nudity, just random, silly sexual innuendo or straight up boob shots that provide nothing towards the story.

    Like in Bakamonogatari, they threw in sexual poses and bouncy boobs most of the time only to excite the viewer, but didn't deliver anything towards the story. Same with HoTD, where they threw in so much that's all it really is, even though it doesn't add much to the characters or the story.

    That said, the human body isn't something to be ashamed of, and I would never consider nudity ecchi, as ecchi really only means sexual innuendo or of a sexually suggestive nature. I learned this in art school, having to stare at a naked body for 4 hours straight, male and female, helps you realize that the human body isn't sexual unless you make it sexual.

    Though, if that's what you consider ecchi, then yes, you may want to stop, as the rest of the show up to Ep. 15~ish still has nudity.
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  14. The early bits of the series do have a harem/ecchi feel to it, but it doesn't last. The story moves on and focuses on each character, their ups and downs, etc. It's much more than that. I'm on episode 20 now. Comparing all the echhi scenes so far it's minimal. It's just front-loaded.
  15. Okay, fine. It wouldn't be considered "ecchi," but all the sexual themes in the series just gross me out.
    le mini spoiler that hardly deserves a spoiler lel
    Like when Jin takes Mashiro to the love hotel, I couldn't help but make a grimace. Of course, nothing actually happens, and like many of the scenes like this in the anime, it's just a matter of Mashiro attempting to collect information (or whatever it is she's collecting) for her manga. While I was expecting it by that prior specified episode, I still find myself irritated a bit in every episode.
    I have this problem with a lot of anime/manga; I'm so very picky. I should get over myself and be more accepting. x;
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  16. Not at all. If everyone was accepting of everything we'd have no personality to our individuality. It's normal to have things that you just wont like, and although we are saying it's a good show, and trying to advertise it, you have the last word whether you will enjoy it or not, and if you don't, then you don't. Simple as π. :D
  17. I prefer using τ, but that's just me. :idea:
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  18. Finished. Now I can add another anime to the list that have made me cry. DAMN IT!

    Either way, easily added to my list of top 10 favorite anime of all time. It was that good. Season 2 PLEASE!
  19. Was totally going to watch it right now too after you bothered me for a couple days about it but then I saw that it made you cry...:naughtylaugh::naughtylaugh: :naughtylaugh:
  20. Wow, you suck. WATCH IT!