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This Fall Season has got me excited, and also bummed.

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by RisingDummies, October 9, 2014.

  1. Don't get me wrong, but me being bummed is me saying that THERE IS WAY TO MANY SHOWS. Coming from Summer to Fall, it's going to be a ride, 16 shows that I have to schedule myself to watch.. That's a lot.. But you know what? This Fall is probably going to be the one of the best thus far in 2014, and I have a few reasons why.

    Many of our new shows are coming from late summer, and I think they're the best that can be mixed into this falls list. SAO and Akame ga Kill are definitely my favorites this year. Summer had some bangin' shows, but hell, this fall has more of my favorite studios than anything. I can say without a doubt, 9 of these shows will go up as some of my favorite. I don't wish for this season to go so soon, and I want more two cour shows, but a man can only wish.

    Thanks for reading,