Touhou Project

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    Touhou Project ( 東方 Project )




    General Touhou Discussion

    Anything from discussing your favourite 2hu/game to Touhoumon to simply making fun of drunkard Zun is acceptable for the thread.

    Do you have any gameplay videos of your own?
    Fan-made content you'd like to share?
    Are you the master of all things Touhou?
    Are you new and in need of guidance?

    Discuss it all, here.​
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  2. Huh Touhou? You mean the biggest indie bullet-hell shooter, that is very popular and is almost taking over all of the Dōjinshi culture/MMD/Music? Well last time i played was i don't know two years ago,heck the only thing i still like about touhou is the music(because Zun is god among men) and the fandom. I was never any good at the games i only got to beat touhou 8 and that was only on hard(which i just got the normal ending) and sadly that was the "easiest" in the series.
  3. I've been a fan of touhou for a while, even though I'm not familiar with most characters (other than Flandre Scarlet :heart:). Those bullet-hell games are super challenging but a good way to kill a few minutes when needed!
  4. ha few minutes more like 20!
  5. 20 minutes? I'll play Touhou for a few hours at a time. I get too upset if I die a single time, so I'm always trying to get a perfect run, even though I'm actually shit at the games.
  6. Just bought Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. Comes in next Wednesday. My body is ready :powa:
  7. Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil is my absolute favorite, I bet you will enjoy it! Love Touhou :3