Well hello there!

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  1. What's up everybody! My names Nemesis and I've only very recently gotten into anime so I figured wheres the best place to go for awesome suggestions on what I should watch? Why here of course! I hope that I see you all around once I become better acquainted with the topics being discussed around here! Until next time!

    Sincerely, Nemesis-T02
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  2. Welcome bro! :D
  3. Don't I know you from somewhere? ;)
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  4. Do your Chewbacca noise pls Nemmy

    Nemmy pls respond

    Nemmy pls

  5. *Does chewbacca noise*
    THERE YA HAPPY NOW! Geeeeeeeeeez
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  6. omg its nemme, pls have my babbies
  7. Hi

    And thus beings the trail of tears.