What are you listening to right now?

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  1. Everyone knows what this thread is going to be. :V

    Please be considerate about posting YouTube videos. Some people have shit internet or are on mobile and it causes quite a fuss when trying to load the page. Spoilers make the world a better place. c:

    >inb4 SC is for hipsters
  2. My ass is on Fire - Mr Bungle

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  3. I feel extremely silly/immature for posting this but, I Ejaculate Fire - Dethklok.
    *If you're not fond of metal-type stuff, I'm sorry. ;_;
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  4. First two responses...
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  5. That's quite the coincidence. Both forms of metal and named with fire. xD I like that song too. Not bad.

    Goodbye Sober Day - Mr Bungle

  6. Perfume - VOICE (Shoujo Remix) (itz a free track so u shuld DL it lel (link says "buy" but it brings you to a free mediafire DL link))
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  7. Something a little more normal and less sex-related. :-P
  8. Yumekui Merry OST - Youki to Ketsui

    Also, John is it possible to add BB code for SoundCloud? Sound Cloud seems pretty popular, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of it here. So I thought having a widget for it would be splendid, and make the posts look a bit more decent, instead of just having messy links dominate the page.

    What is this no tagging? :C I have sads. Nvm it suddenly worked when I came back to try and do it manually. O:
  9. I'll see what I can do.
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  10. Zomboy - City 2 City ( Shingo Dj Bootleg )

  11. Not Gonna Get Us - Nightcore Remix

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  12. Four Seconds - Barenaked Ladies

  13. Helblinde @ Allkore Riot Kontrol 06: Tracklist not available

    Just forewarning you, there's some... suggestive voice samples in here, as a joke. There's some guy who's basically having phone sex. :v Don't listen if you get offended easily, like an idiot.
  14. Trance remix - Fasten Your Seatbelts

    At times like these, I really learn to appreciate bass :-)
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  15. System of a Down - Virgin Tea

  16. So many songs... but really im only ever interested in anime songs, all except for i think three songs on my ipod is from anime (2 from vigons rec from a band that recorded for an anime song and the other one is "Oh Camper Camper" song from counter stick thing on youtube) although i feel kinda embarrassed :blush:to admit i only watch anime songs but i guess its ok were all friends here.

    I dont care what the rest of you say or the world says K-ON songs are Amazing... the one they wrote for Azusa is so touching :'-(
  17. This is a what are you listening to now thread, not a discussion thread. You can make a music discussion thread though. Post the song you're listening to now, it helps me learn of new songs that I enjoy and download. :D

    Mr Bungle - Goodbye Sober Day

  18. I dont know how to do spoilers but i basically listen to all the ops and endings as well as the K-ON songs (not dubbed) but heres a list of some:
    Hidan no aria op and ending
    Kaichou wa maid sama op
    Angel Beats op and ending
    Girls Dead Monster - Alchemy
    Girlds Dead Monster - Crow song
    Girlds Dead Monster- My Most Precious Treasure
    Oh Camper Camper
    Onepiece op 14 and 15
    This is Why i watch Saki #5 (not really a song completely, it was fan made from bits and pieces of the anime into the form of a song)
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    ^ jus do dat, m8

    Yanagi Nagi - Muteki Soldier
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  20. Fire coming out of the Monkey's head - Gorillaz