What are your plans for 2014?

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  1. Hey everyone! Have you guys thought about what you are going to do 2014? I have many things on my schedule that I wish to do, I hope I get to all of them.
    you dont have to make a list or anything, but just curious if you guys plan on anything for 2014
    My complete focus is otaku goodies for my room :powa:
    On the side note I will be keeping up with my japanese as well. I know all of Hiragana so far (only can read, not exactly write), half katakana, and more japanese vocabulary. I hope by summer this next year, I will be at least knowing japanese. Being Fluent though will take alot of time though... I also plan to go to a few conventions, who knows, and if I do, I will be taking pics :3
  2. I plan to get a full scholarship to go to West Weaboo University.
  3. Start saving up money and pay for college classes without the aid of student loans. In other words, work my ass off.
  4. Start working full time, get another car since I crashed my other one (both of these are non-negotiable, I have to do them), force fiance into marrying me quickly.
  5. My boyfriend and I are looking in to a bigger apartment by the Fall, I guess also starting this tutoring thing I have lined up at a private school, generic Gym thing (I stopped going for the semester since I transferred to a new school and wanted to settle in with good grades), etcetc, basic life things for basic people.

  6. I'm gonna continue going to school for my certificates which should be done by the end of 2014 so there's that.....although I think i'm gonna stay in school a bit more to get a chemistry major so I can learn how Vitamyn is the most basic bitch I know. :heart:
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  7. .Get into a Japanese class - Learn Katakana (Already learned Hirigana) and learn atleast 300 Kanji (Know about 50 atm)
    .I will probably have to get a job since I am now 15 T.T
    .Start applying for scholarships
    .Teach my family how to run game consoles - was woken up at 1am because they couldn't figure out how to turn off the PS4 I got for Christmas (They were playing Just Dance 2014 to 1am, I mean what the fuck)
    .Learn how to cook eggs properly - So the incident where I flipped the omelette onto the burner doesn't occur again...
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  8. Figure out which college to go to.
    Try not to cry a lot once I start my first year of getting my PharmD.
    End up crying a lot.
    Be the next Osu! ub3rmastur pro.

    I mostly want to get my PharmD so I can find a cure for Vitamyn's smelliness but I'm afraid that there is NO cure and it'll be in vain.
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  9. reach rank 1 in osu! - ༼ つ ຈل͜ຈ ༽つ
    build new pc - very soon
    anime - hue
    dayz - :d
    play on the bG serv--ohwayt
  11. inb4 Cookiezi takes title again (Hes just a different name, and you dont know it :-P)
  12. I want to have a 4.0 cumulative gpa for next term.
    learn the guitar better than I know now.
    Go to Colorado
    Perhaps by end of year get more serious with female friend
    Smoke dat purp
    Do charity work
    Be in a musical/performance
    Drive more just because
  13. For 2014 I decided to mainly watch new anime,
    some interesting things I'll do might be help my brother with his job
    Clean cars
    I also decided to restart kendo since I couldn't 2013 because of a leg injury
    Study for school
    try to control my multiple personality disorder(changes when unconscious)
    Finish learning japanese
  14. Hit Challenger.
  15. > Build a new PC
    >Watch Kuroko's Basketball , and Magi
    >Get to plat or gold in League dreams
  16. /snicker

    Wasn't that hard.
  17. Well, I'll be.....

    • Learning to be less self-centered ^_^;
    • Find more anime to watch? Recommend me something to watch!! :D
    • Playing more games
    • Learning how to knit properly, instead of making a knitted mess ^_^; (Dirtbag you know what I mean, right?)
    • Learning Beethoven Spring Sonata for violin and Beethoven Pathetique Sonata for piano
    • Finishing Mozart's Viennese Sonatinas for piano
    • Trying to get over someone :brokenheart:
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    Learn the guitar, sing and strum my songs, write my stories, practise sketching and drawing, catch up with One Piece manga, read more, work part time, jog, work out. That's about it.