What do you all think of Otome Games?

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  1. What do think of Otome Games? Those are like games for girls and can involve elements like dating and romance. I personally like Pacthesis and online otome games like Star Project and My Candy Love ( anyone play those? Add me!! My username is the same as here. ahogemaster. ) Next question,... What i your view on BOYS who play such games? Yaoi? :foolish: BL? XD Or something else? This thread can also be used to discuss about Otome games. :ok:
  2. Ive Played Hakuouki and its..... different from H-games lol
  3. So late to this but as a male im not sure i would exactly play those, although a reason i would will be if i was looking for the story (My obsession with stories is beyond even my obsession over SAO). And not sure if this is relevant but dont you at least get to know somewhat how a girl thinks? Cause female logic completely confuses me (i have a sister that does completely illogical things all the time)
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  4. My brother thinks all illogical things of the Type-Moon girls and he sleeps with dakimakura ( I can understand that, I asked him. Serious! xD )
    It would be nice if there were a real SAO MMORPG game though... :3
  5. had to search both things up, i honestly wouldnt at least the second bit because i just think thats wrong? I dont know my thinking gets warped a lot but one thing that'll never change is that i think that yes that shows you are a real fan but at the same time its going too far, i would if i could get asuna related products cause i absolutely love her :heart: but nothing of that sort and definitely nothing that disturbs her privacy i guess, get what i mean kinda? I mean aside from my thinking that it's just wrong it also really breaks the character -.- (thinking of the end of Wanko's route in Maji de Watashi VN i mean yes it will probably happen SOMETIME in her future but its just too sudden of a change and honestly i think insults that character) Yeah but completely agree with what you said about SAO MMORPG game... but the consequences of that would be huge (at least for me) cause basic needs would most likely not matter to me anymore until the extreme limit. Oh btw not sure if this is related but 1/2 Prince is a nice manga also kind of set in a Virtual MMORPG setting, slight twist though the mc which is a female is a male in game (this is in the summary i am not spoiling anything really unless you dont read the summary... but its in the first chapter anyways) and its quite fun to read although for a while now it has stalled.

    EDIT: I edit a LOT although mostly its not shown... anyways i dont really know what you mean by illogical things (i am an anomaly among males cause i typically dont view things the same way i mean i dont like loud noises, music with swears, alcohol, or cars but if it was about judging a game/story by its genre, i try not to do that and mostly succeed because for me what matters most is the story not how it was made or what the content is. although i stay away from horror or extreme sexual content (yes i do... curse manga sites for categorizing sex as romance) and if a character i really really really REALLY hate shows up the chances of me just stopping is huge. (i wouldve stopped SAO because of Sugou but i love the rest of it too much and i understand that was needed for the plot although i absolutely detest it) Aside from that the only other time i shy away from stuff is if the ending is really really sad... and if crystal just keeps making it more depressing.
    And hey for me i find it nice to see how males are acting and to react to that i mean in a way it puts me in a girls shoes. when and if i decide to search for a significant other or just to female friends i know what not to do.
    <--- luvs Romance like crazy
  6. I guess it would disturb Asuna's privacy if she were a 3D girl, but since she's an anime character, then it's different...:confused: Well, I could draw her ( for sure I don't think I would want to in the first place Miku is Miku and Asuna is Asuna. ) cosplaying Miku, and that would be considered a parody, but if she were a 3D girl then she would freak out if she didn't like Miku. It ruins the character if you try a parody. I agree with that!! :agreement:

    I stay away from hentai and horror too, but then the horror game, Ib got me addicted. Ib wasn't really horror...
    Unless you click the window in the fake gallery, blood comes spewing down from that. (got creeped out)

    I like the way you think! :thumbsup:
  7. Hakuoki is seriously fun. Feel you there... :sadeyes: When my friends see me playing the non H-otome games, like Star Project and all, then they either call me a H-gamer and stay away from me until I explain over and over to them it's just a kissing scene!! They can't tell the difference between H and non-H. :sigh:
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  8. I love simulators however, dating ones just aren't my cup of coffee. I find them slow and boring and usually really predictable if you play your cards right. :C

    As for guys playing them, why not? Girls tend to play games that are widely targeted to a male demographic, why not vice-versa? :-P
  9. Just got Magical Diary from steam recently (somewhere within a week dont remember exactly when) and i didnt realize it (cause i got it on a whim because its anime like) but it was targeted towards a female audience, still a nice story and i love the romance between the chars. Although for games i rather dislike gender changers (mmorpg's etc.) whether it is for free stuff (which has really become negative towards female players) or just for the styling. Well unless you are forced to play as a certain gender. But... >.< as a guy i have to admit that i do tend to give slightly more to female players although i generally just give to everyone.
  10. Why not, I kind of like to play those imouto themed dating sims, though I'm a girl. Somehow, imoutos give me a sense of moe.... :heart: Moe moe kyun!! Same as I like to go to maid cafes, and tsundere cafes. My house is just a few stops by Metro train away from Akiba, so I go there pretty much every day as long as I don't have my part-time job ( at a tsundere cafe ) or cram school. XD
  11. My Cup of Tea by Nummyz, it has a dual gender side. It's pretty fun and has decent art. Kaleidoscope by Numyz too, had great art and 2 games, one for guys and one for girls. Kaleidoscope was fun. Really fun. But it's a little hard and I had to play it 6 times before I could get the hang of stuff. ^_^; Other than that, it was fun. :thumbsup:
  12. I completely forgot until now, who are the extra ppl in the picture of your first post? I only know the main cast (Mio and Azusa so cute ><). And my family might be going to Japan this summer wheres good locations to go? (and more importantly areas with anime shops with SAO stuff). And i have nothing against rl but >< ive always considered maid cafes etc. to be 2D only stuff I mean the stuff done in animes and manga just cant be reproduced
  13. The extra people are Mirai Suenaga ( trumpet ) , Kanata Hoshikawa ( violin ) and Haruka Suenaga ( drum ) . They are from Culture Japan/ Miral Millenium by Danny Choo. You coming to Japan?! Yay!! You absolutely have to visit Akihabara, the electric town. If you're a fan of Nendoroids and Madoka Magica, then visit Good Smile Cafe, it's in Akiba Culture Zone. Also there are the arcades where you can win merchandise from SAO and other animes. Akiba is mainly maid cafes, butler cafes and tsundere cafes... There's also Ikebukuro Otome Road ( near the Sunshine 60 ). The most convenient transport service is the Metro trains and the JR trains. How long will you be staying? If you plan to travel a lot by train, I recommend you buy a Suica or Pasmo card. With the Suica or Pasmo cards, you won't have to buy tickets over and over again. It's really convenient. :ok: The JR train and Metro train maps come in both English and Japanese, so I recommend you pick up a copy ( or print one online ) before you start travelling to maximise the convenience.

    I will be in Poland during Summer ( pilgrimage trip to Chopin's house!! ) but I will still be online, so don't hesitate to ask me anything! :wave:
  14. I dont know since its still undecided, i normally wont go anywhere especially since this is for my parent's anniversary but they insisted me and my sister to tag along because they think its boring with only them two. The location is still undecided and costs would have to be put into consideration as well. Im honestly just looking solely for SAO stuff (because i cant find ANYTHING ANYWHERE) but for the arcade to win SAO merchandise... if i can got there i... will... be... there as long as possible (which would mean i would spend 48 hours if im allowed to because thats the limit before i start fainting). Also any stores that sell SAO stuff? (Im the most hardcore fan you would probably ever find of Asuna without crossing the line) and preferably not the ones that only have rather disrespectful stuff of Asuna. (the only time i have ever truly gone off the deep end was that episode where kirito killed sugou in the game... i had to pause to take a shower then one after that to calm down... otherwise i wouldnt even be using the com right now)
  15. Well,..... I'm not so sure about SAO specialty shops, but I know there was a claw game with SAO stuff in it. I won a Kirito plushie, but my dog ate it !! :oops: Btw, my dog's name is Kirito too, so I scolded him, but it looked like he didn't understand... That was the last time I let Kirito into my room though...
  16. i SUCK at claw games... but ill still end up spending a lot of money on it (btw whts the exchange currency?)