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What is your favorite Japanese snack/munchy?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by RavenShadow, June 26, 2016.

  1. I really don't have access to a lot of Japanese snacks, so I was curious what other anime/manga lovers liked to munch on!

    At this point in time my favorite Japanese munchy is Nori Maki Arare! :D
  2. Same here, but, sometimes I get some of their flavored breads like melon bread and yakisoba buns but idk if they count as snacks really
  3. Oh no they do! No worries :ok:
    I love bread myself so I can't wait to try those:heart::D
  4. kaki no tane

    i can eat that stuff all day
  5. Very nice! Another awesome snack to try! :D
  6. there are a few places online, you can order but i havent really tried in a while
  7. i check it out, then
  8. Sounds good! Let me know what you thing :thumbsup:
  9. There's a Japanese-Korean supermarket called Assi Plaza near me, and they have all kinds of snacks >v< Not sure which is my favorite though... I'm going to be basic and say green tea pocky.
  10. Oh cool, are those those stick looking treats?:confused:

    Thanks for contributing! :-)
  11. Yeah, I think that's what you mean:-)
  12. speaking of stick-looking treats, you can also try yan-yan :D
  13. ever since i watched Sakura Trick, ive been very partial towards matcha-flavored snacks!
  14. Thank you! :D
  15. Haven't really had any aside from pocky and some sort of panda things
  16. Pocky's pretty good :agreement:
  17. I'm not so keen on it really
  18. Haha why is that? :-)
  19. No clue. I used to like them. But I don't know, now I just find them to be a bland sweetness and very artificial tasting. If I want something artificial, I'll stick with the salty/savoury snacks lol