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What makes good manga good?

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by euria, December 8, 2015.

  1. Sooooo.... I'm aspiring to someday become a mangaka. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how I should make the OEL I'm working on good. I want it to be just as good as a regular japanese manga so people can know, Americans can write stories too! Haha, but seriously ._. if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Like, what appeals to you in certain manga about maybe the story line or just the characters in general?
  2. I would suggest writing what you want to write as opposed to catering to potential fans. We all have our own personalities and personal preferences. It wouldn't be smart to start off by writing what people expected you to write. Start with genres you really love and maybe subject matter you enjoy creatively writing about. You can also pull from your real life experiences and have that be the focus of any manga you start.
  3. Oh! Thanks for the suggestions. I just wanted to know if there were certain things I could incorporate into the manga that a lot of people liked or if there was anything that I should avoid doing at all costs haha. ^_^
  4. Make your idea like BOOM, and when writing think like BAM! and when drawing make it like WHOOOOSH! and then when proof reading go like FWOOOMP!

    I think you get what I mean..
  5. Hahaha XD sure I do lol
  6. I am creating my own manga as well. Here's my opinion. Body language, proper expression, movement and personalities. Don't make a character, make people that have individual personalities that people can fall in love with. I just finished studying the manga Mayo chiki!. I fell in love with those people. They were amazing they had heart. This is where your story lies. Your people need to tell the story not you.

    Fyi. Almost done with my story board. It's tough but I wish you so much luck =^.^=
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  7. Good luck :thumbsup:
  8. Thanks. I'm definitely doing my best to get done fast. I just started and am time stamping it. Because I've known poeple to take years to make one book. I'm quite curious about if they are just lazy or not lol. When I'm done if you're interested I'll link you to it for a read.
  9. Well I would be interested to see your finished work, so when your done please do send the link :D
  10. I think that the most important point to develop isn't the idea of your story but the characters and their relationships. They can change a simple story to an attractive one. It's just my opinion, good luck! ^^
  11. Interesting views :thumbsup: and I've got to say that's a nice cat boy (I'm assuming it's a cat by the look of it's tail, but please do correct me if I'm wrong XD) picture :D
  12. It's a fanart of L from Death Note as a cat boy (because I love cats and I love L :-))
  13. I thought that looked like L from Death Note, XD, he looks good as a cat :D
  14. Yes he is!:blush:If I could adopt him I'll be so happy :meow:
  15. Aww that would be so cute:blush:

    I bet you'd be a good master :D
  16. I think the most important thing is to keep it so that the characters can be identified with. Keep things realistic. I'm not saying, that you shouldn't try fantasy or things like that, but you know if a girl gets time traveling powers or something like that, she's most likely to freak about it first, ya know.
  17. True, I know I would XD
  18. Be sure that is you give a character a strength that you aply a weakness. Always interesting is of how other characters either help or take advantage.
    Ex. Strength = kind
    Weakness = cant say no
  19. Hmm quite the interesting point there :thinking:
    As a writer want-to-be I find the most useful :powa:
  20. Im also a want-to-be writer and im writing 2 books. So i have thought a lot about story plots :peace: