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What type of otaku (Anime fans) are you ??

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by XxBryan, June 20, 2016.


What type of otaku are you?

  1. Cosplayer Otaku

  2. Gamer Otaku

  3. Photographer Otaku

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  4. Anime / Manga Otaku

  5. Wota

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  6. Figure Otaku

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  1. Let's see what types of otakus are in this community.
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  2. Anime/manga otaku and wota.
  3. Nice same here
  4. does anyone know a really tragic manga?:confused:
  5. i can't really get into the other ones, but vidya... yeah, vidya i totally get :-)

    have you read barefoot gen?
  6. I don't actually read manga, I like watching anime thought. ^_^;
  7. What an awesome poll XxBryan! :thumbsup:
  8. Anime/Manga/Cosplayer/Photographer Otaku! I like to go to the anime conventions!
  9. Wow, you could easily select most of the above options lol
  10. Have you tried reading Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul :re? I know they're kinda mainstream but they fit the description of "tragic" hehe
    Or if you want a manga slightly lighter on the feels go try Your Lie in April.
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  11. I'm a Gamer/Anime Otaku :-)
  12. Well welcome gamer! Hope you have fun :-) :thumbsup:
  13. Definitely manga/anime. I haven't seen a lot of the same stuff as other people it seems though haha
  14. Haha, well nothing wrong there :-)
  15. Anime/Manga but also Vocaotaku huge vocaloid fan. XD
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  16. believe it or not, you can actually find a wide selection of anime music on Soundcloud. personally, i have over 300 songs saved
    it doesnt seem like the type of place to find anime-related music, but with a little searching, youd be surprised lol
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  17. I think I'm the potato otaku but there isn't any in the choices. But actually in a serious matter I just watch animes and read mangas. I dont cosplay cause I'm too much of a swag to cosplay. (i'm a sore loser so I don't cosplay in all honesty)
  18. What is a potato otaku? :confused:
  19. I'm almost all of them XD
  20. Wow, now that's impressive XD