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When the manga puts the anime to shame...

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by John, March 11, 2014.

  1. I haven't been through too many of these experiences yet, but mostly because I've never been a big manga person. However, one anime that I (used to) enjoy was Rosario + Vampire. It has 2 seasons and before I read the manga my overall impression was good...not great. It was an anime that had a bit of what I liked, but definitely had some pitfalls (second season).

    I was shocked when so many people cursed the anime as an abomination, claiming it was so far off from the manga. I didn't really care to read the manga, so I ignored it for about a year. I came across the manga again on a whim and decided...what the hell, I'll read it. I started over from the VERY beginning and while reading this I was thinking...oh I remember this scene from the anime. Yea, this scene and this scene too. What are these people talking about...it's just like the...wait...that's new!

    I have just finished the entire manga as of 10 minutes ago...and OMFG...it was amazing. How in the world was I able to watch that garbage of an anime?! I must have been high. Regardless, after this long story...here is the question for you all:

    Have you ever had an experience like this? Have you ever read a manga after finishing the anime and noticed how much better the manga was? Tell me your experiences and share in my frustration.
  2. I use to watch anime only cause I just couldn't be bothered to read. I always thought anime and manga were going to be the same, manga was just black and white and less exciting. But oh god did I learn how wrong I was. I was just stifling through anime suggestions when I came across one called Kodomo no Jikan. Basic romance, 12 ep season, was quick and easy, I like that. So I gave it a watch and I really loved the theme, like a forbidden love but in real day standards. So I went out and started reading the manga cause I thought why not and holy fuck does the manga do so much the anime not only doesn't do, but couldn't do. It went from a cute love story of an anime to a emotional roller coaster of life lessons, issues of a growing child and a love that grows, and doesn't just happen. It was amazing and beautiful and in every way better than the anime. From then on I've been more inclined to pick up a manga before the anime if I can afford the time. It's truly amazing just how much more you can get out of a manga than you can an anime, and I use to be pretty hardcore about being anime only, putting off manga as "boring" whenever it was brought up.

    You bring up Rosario+Vampire, and now you've intrigued me to read it too. I've also seen the anime and I thought it was pretty good, I really want to see what the manga will deliver now.
  3. I had a very similar experience with Fruits Basket. I read the manga first though. I loved the story so much that I had to watch the anime only to be completely disgusted by the huge changes the anime had done to the original story line. They only covered half the story, cut out a bunch of characters(including my favorite Rin!) and cut out the romance. Also Yuki sounded like a girl so lame! I was so mad! Still love the manga though
  4. I'm starting to read the manga of Tokyo Ghoul after finishing the anime adaptation, I can say that the manga is WAAAAY better, the anime generally felt rushed and had no character development.
  5. I felt this way with D.Gray-Man and Elfen Lied.

    Both were great as a manga. Then the anime(s) came along and made a mockery of the characters and story. Cross Marian is my favorite manga character. The anime ruined him and made him into a villain -much bigger jerk than he was ever portrayed in the manga. And the same thing happened with Bandou in EL. great manga character with development and depth. he's humanized through he relationships with Mayu, Nana, and Kurama. But the anime shredded all of that into non-existence.
  6. I would have to say I enjoy the manga more quite often, but not always. I think I recently really enjoyed the manga version of Tokyo Ghoul over the anime. I have progressed more in the anime, however, and I really wish I had read the manga first. I still really enjoy anime too.. there are pros and cons to both. Anime does beat out manga for me sometimes.