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Which element are you?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by RavenShadow, June 24, 2016.


Choose your element

  1. Fire

  2. Water

  3. Earth

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  4. Air

  5. Lightning

  6. Darkness

  7. Light

  1. First of all, please forgive that lack of choices, I know that depending on the anime, there could be many more elements, but for the sake of the big picture I decided to go with the top seven elements that you usually see in some form (I know that ice and metal are also common, so if you like those please select water and earth respectively). Hopefully it will be enough to see which elements hold prominence among us anime/manga lovers. Enjoy!!! :-)
  2. It's a tough choice, but I had to go with darkness, because I love the mystery that surrounds dark characters or characters that have their element as darkness
    And if I could have a second element, it would probs be lightning, because of kakashi sensei from Naruto
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    Yeah, I don't know how someone could not like lightning after watching Kakashi lol :D
    I think my second would be air/wind and my third would be lightning:thinking:
  4. Thank you very muchB-)
  5. a feng shui guy once determined me to be a "metal" personality, which equates to sky/heaven/lightning i guess...
  6. Hmm, very interesting :thinking:
    Well who can argue with the power of heaven:D
    Thank you for voting :thumbsup:
  7. It was a tough choice between water and darkness for me. I chose darkness though because it's just slightly more appealing!
  8. Haha same hear! XD

    Also if you think about it it if you choose water, you can have both darkness and/or light depending how deep you do ;)

    In any case thanks for commenting! :thumbsup:
  9. Darkness will always be "slightly more appealing" lol
  10. I had to go with Fire. I just love the flames and heat. :cheer:
  11. :clap:cool
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  12. well, have you seen chivalry of a failed knight? i know one of the mc's is a fire caster.
    im pretty sure youd like her, her character type is princess/tsun-dere
  13. OMG :scared: They know my secret
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  14. *_*Really? are you really a real life tsun-dere!?! X_X
  15. Hey they have to exist somewhere lol
  16. lol must be a japan thing
  17. Hahaha, you may be right XD
  18. Me personally, I actually like the "bookworm" character a bunch! :thinking: