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Winter 2016 Anime Discussion #2 - Are we seeing different styles of anime? Different, newer anime?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Hagame-Senpai, March 9, 2016.



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  1. Welcome back to the Winter 2016 Anime Discussion #2! Last time we covered the topic: 'Is anime becoming shorter?' and 'Are we seeing less mainstream anime?'. If you're interested please check the post out ^_^
    Winter 2016 Anime Discussion - No mainstream? Anime becoming shorter? - I'm not too sure if this automatically turned into a clickable link, if not then highlight the link, copy it, and paste it into the search box at the top of your browser screen, and you should be at my post! Anyway today we are going to cover some changes to anime that I've noticed recently - New, different styles of anime are appearing! I know this may contradict what I said in my last post, but please read on if you are confused! Again, comments and rating are very much appreciated! Thank you in advance for reading my post!

    Recently I've been looking for some new anime too watch, as most of the popular and older anime have been seen by others many times, including myself. But as I'm scrolling down anime websites, I find that after reading the anime's description, it peaks my interests more than older anime did. Upon more research, I find that some of these anime follow a much more unique style. And for those of you who read my last post will be thinking - 'Well you just said that most newer anime is the same'. I did, but what I'm trying to say in this post is not how anime differ compared to other anime we've seen in 2015 and 2016. I'm comparing the newer anime to much older anime, specifically speaking, anime from 1950 - 2005. During this period anime was created and viewed in quite a different way. Some examples of much more popular anime consist of Dragon Ball, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and for those of who have lived since 1950, this may bring back some nostalgia, - The Tale of the White Snake. These are some examples of anime back then. Excluding Dragon Ball, Neon Genesis Evangelion was the thing everyone was talking about. It followed quite a different style of art, with sharper lines and pointed cheeks. We didn't really see the 'round' type of face we see today. Below I will list some examples.

    Asuka from 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'

    We can clearly see the minor, yet quite important attributes Asuka has. Also really showing off the pointed cheek and face older anime's had. Below is an example of a 'modern' anime character.

    Taiga from 'Toradora'
    We can see the significant differences between the two characters. Although Taiga still has a pointed cheek, it is not as sharp and the rest of her face generally uses curved lines to form the shape.

    Also, if you take another look at those two, the colour differences are noticeable. Asuka uses older, duller colours in her character, whereas Taiga follows pretty much the same colour scheme, the colour is definitely brighter and adds more life to the character. Though this isn't such a big deal in the differences between older and newer anime, there are still a couple of things I want to compare. Note: If I talk about character differences I'm comparing these two, so please refer to these images if necessary, thank you.

    Generally the 'moral' of anime has changed overtime too. Now you may ask - what do you mean by moral? Well, to put it simply. It's things that we probably found acceptable in older anime, that we would find strange in in newer anime, and vice versa. Let's look at some examples!

    In older anime, 90% of the times, the main protagonist would at some point receive some strong, unbeatable power. Whether this may be some transformation or legendary object, they achieved strong powers at some point. This was something that we all expected to happen, and was not to surprised when it did happen. But nowadays, do we just say - 'Phh, that's so childish', or something of that sort? Because recently on other forums I've seen that other people have been complaining about these sorts of events happening in anime. They say 'Can't we just have something different for a change'. And yes, already a lot of anime have been showing this change. For example Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut or The Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles. This anime may not show this in the clearest way, but is definitely simple to explain. The main character has always had his 'strong power' and utilizes it throughout the series. And usually I won't be too excited. But for some reason, when I found out he had a strong power at the very first episode, I was screaming with joy.

    Thank you for reading this far if you have! I'm going to leave a poll below for you guys to answer, I would be over the world if you did! #3 will continue from this point. further explaining the evolution of anime! Ratings and comments are much appreciated! #3 will be posted on either Thursday 10th of March or Saturday 12th of March!
  2. Well of course anime is changing, Everything changes over time.

    I think its good its evolving. Wouldn't it get boring if it stayed the same?
    And the the period of over 50 years of course it wont stay the same.

    If you ask me, the art is getting amazing.
  3. Hey! Thanks again for you reply Dicoma! Look forward to #3, where I will cover the very man who changed anime and manga altogether! Have a nice day. :D
  4. I definitely believe that anime is changing.

    On the up side, the graphics are looking amazing, but I fear that many anime are losing appealing story plots. Not a lot mind you, but enough to notice.
    On the other hand like Hagame-Senpai mentioned, I personally appreciate it when the protagonist is strong from the beginning, and is unbeatable :D

    Call me "new fashioned" but it's true :foolish:XD