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  1. Hi, I know we don't have very many people active anymore but I thought maybe the few of us who are around would like to get together to play! If you play any of the games listed in the title just post your Summoner name, Battletag, or username of OSU! (All this if you WANT to of course) :-)
  2. Yansky for League
    Yansky on Steam
    Yansky #1473 for battlenet (specifically hearthstone, heroes of the storm, diablo 3 and sc2 no WoW for me)
    Think it was Yansky28 for Osu but I don't even play that anymore.
  3. Oh yeah, btw, I am
    FallenKnight96 League
    I Am A Crayon Steam
    Thyrage Osu
  4. Your Steam name doesn't come up in searches, there was no I Am A Crayon. Mines Ballziggler though. Same Avatar as well. Don't play any of those other games though.
  5. [ Akane ] osu
    STEAM_0:0:48348037 steam id
  6. LordSlayer974 on steam