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Your First Anime?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Vitamyn, October 13, 2012.

  1. So guys, what was your first anime?
    If you can't remember that far back (because I know it's hard being old for some of you guys :-P), what was your first memorable anime? or what exactly helped you get in to the anime fandom?

    For me, it'd have to be Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. I've always loved the games when I was younger, and once I saw there was a film adaptation to it, I fell in love. The art, the voices, everything! It was also one of the earlier, most played movies on movie channels like Cinemax and HBO (as far as I can think, I'm sure there are even older ones).
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  2. I Believe It Was Bamboo Blade
  3. School Rumble.

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  4. Case Closed/Detective Conan


    I feel old since all of yall are naming newer anime. D:
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  5. My first anime without knowing what anime was at the the time was Dragonball Z (Pre-Cartoon Network Showing)
  6. My First anime was Star Blazers which is the name for the English dubbed version of Space Battleship Yamato. My dad had me watch it at like 3 years old with him.
  7. I was like 4 - 5 years old, but I'm pretty sure my first anime was Kimba the White Lion.

  8. If by anime you mean a proper anime (i know im late to this but i got used to only replying to alerts on the forums so i completely forgot to look on this site) it would be naruto, although that was through the tv and i ultimately got bored of it. For the anime fandom part...it happened way too fast for me to even know, but i first started getting really into anime (other than one piece) at the beginning of January and started watching like crazy from then basing the first couple months off of nominations from crystal (majority), vigon and tensa (some). Right now i have too much to watch....
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  9. First one for me= Evangelion (I was so confused from that anime at first, but it was so good)
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  10. Well, my first anime was 9 years ago and it was Card Captor Sakura and Honey and Clover on Animax. I remember that, because I have a picture of my little self cosplaying Sakura. xD
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  11. I used to watch Naruto, as it aired on Toonami way back when. However, I hardly consider that my first "anime", because I was too herp derp to realise it was even anime to begin with. The first thing that I tried that I knew was "anime" was School Rumble.

    It's amazing to look back and see how my tastes have changed so dramatically.
  12. My first anime was Full Metal Panic. I found my older brother watching it when I was in 8 or 9 years old[​IMG]
  13. My very first anime is Sailormoon or yuyu hakusho. That time i didnt know they were called anime.
  14. My first anime was Knights of the Zodiac/Saint Seya.
  15. Well my first anime were Dbz and Detective Conan lol
  16. Mine was Death Note.
  17. mine was naruto
  18. My first anime when I knew what anime is was loveless
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  19. DEATH NOTE~~~~~ death-note-14093-1920x1200.
  20. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Star Blazers here in the US). 1979 was the year.