Your First/Most Nostalgia-Inducing Console?

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  1. I remember the first system I played on was the N64. Donkey Kong 64 was my first game. I liked the fact that they were monkeys. :v

    However, my most nostalgic console would be the GameCube. I can't believe I sold all of my games I had for it. It's literally the worst decision I've ever made. Now I can't help but weep over my lack of Luigi's Mansion. If I had a job and had a debit card to use, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I repurchased a GameCube off a pal of mine from school for just £15. He gave me all the wires needed, a controller, and two of those basic, grey memory cards. I can't wait to get more games for it. It's seriously the best system ever. I loved it. Pikmin... Smash Bros... Super Mario Sunshine... Ah, so many hours wasted spent on video games... Even as a child.
  2. I don't have one although, I played the N64, and some emulators.
  3. Growing up, my siblings and I always had the latest consoles dating back to probably the NES (as far as I can remember). Although currently I think what hits close to home are usually SNES games or Gameboy games (I totally just watched a Yoshi's Island speedrun this morning and it's ridiculous how many things you can still remember from a game you haven't played in like 10 years).
    As for more personal favorite-type nostalgia games that I can remember having the most fun with are probably mostly PS2 games like Disagaea~Hour of Darkness, Metal Gear Solid 2, Bloody Roar and Chaos Legion. I've also really loved playing the Evolution games on Dreamcast.

    Although I still have a PS2 and a Dreamcast, I just recently bought a PS3 just so I can use the Playstation store to buy old games I really loved -- it's really worth it when emulators suck for certain games and when you have the extra funds to spend. :3
  4. NES. By far my favorite and most beloved console I still own. I remember having all 3 Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Played them every day and it is probably how I became interested in video games. After that I got Ninja Crusaders and Tetris. Two of the funnest games I have ever enjoyed, and still occasionally play them to this day.

    Coming in at a solid second would be the original xbox, followed by the PS1/PS2. Halo was and still is a great game that has molded today's gaming industry, and with friends the multiplayer is some of the funnest shit I'd ever play. As for the PS1/PS2, I always saw them as rather the same thing, just different colors. It was either Wipeout on the PS1 or Shadow of The Colossus on PS2. But that was really it for them.

    I did have an Atari, but I don't know if I could find it, nor do I care to. It's fun with friends but it gets repetitive really fast and single player is the most drab thing ever. I played Gameboy color/advance, but fuck me the small screens drove me nuts. I still have troubles playing anything smaller than my PSP, and even that can strain my eyes. GameCube was meh. The controller feels like a deformed dildo. I always hated it simply for that reason and I often refused to play it. SNES was fun, but nothing memorable and then the Sega was cool for Sonic, but it never had anything else worth playing so its novelty died quickly.

    Into this generations consoles, the Xbox 360 wins for me. Not because the console is better than either the PS3 or the Wii, but the main genre published for it, FPS and racing, are my interests. The only reason I wold ever consider a PS3 is for the Shadow of The Colossus HD remake, and ISO. Otherwise, I don't see the point in purchasing an overpriced Blue-ray player.
  5. The very first console I can remember playing was the PlayStation. I also remember being really bad at Frogger which happens to be the only game I even remember playing on it. But my favorite older system that I had will always be my N64, I regret ever getting rid of it... Majora's Mask, Mario Kart and Beetle Adventure Racing were the best. I do still have my Gameboy Advanced Color though so yay. I actually still play Kirby's Dream Land and Bubble Bobble on it to this day!
  6. NES for sure. As generic as this is gonna sound, I loved playing Super Mario Bros. every day of my life as a child.
  7. get memories back i'm also play playstation back i think their the best
  8. Nintendo 64 was my first console, and I think Mario Kart was my first console game.

    Aww, so many good memories :D
  9. officially it was the psx for me

    but my parents had a famicom and i was still able to play with it back in the 90s (in today's world of digital downloads and flimsy optical discs, those 80s cartridges seemed like they can live forever!)
  10. XD ikr
  11. also one of my exes had a working atari, but i'm not seeing him anymore so there you go
  12. Cool about the Atari (not so much about the man XD), we acquired one a little bit ago with some classic games :-)
  13. I had a Sega Genesis as a kid, on which I played a Sonic game quite a lot.
    Buuut, the first console that I realllllllly played on is the PS2. I still have it too, I love it
  14. Really?! How sweet!

    I too still have my old Nintendo 64, and I'm never giving it up:'-(XD
  15. I don't know whatever happened to the Genesis. It's definitely long gone though
  16. Sorry to hear that :(, but at least you have the PS2 :thumbsup:
  17. I was never as into the Genesis as I am the PS2 lol
  18. All the better that you still have it :D

    It's nice to go back and enjoy old games that hold so many memories :-)
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